Sunday, June 5, 2011

LASIK Surgery for High Farsightedness

Question: I am very farsighted and would like to know if I am eligible for LASIK? My contact lens prescription is +4.50 D in my left eye and +5.25 D in my right eye.

Answer: Being eligible to have LASIK Surgery really depends on more than just your prescription. Technically there are excimer lasers that can be programmed to provide up to +6.00 D of refractive correction. However, other considerations that come into play include the shape of your cornea, you age, the health and integrity of your cornea, the quality and quantity of your tear film and the stability of your prescription, to name just a few. There are a number of other considerations as well. LASIK for high hyperopia may be appropriate however probably would not be the procedure of choice due to a high incidence of regression and instability of the prescription. PRK is often a better alternative and depending on your age it is possible that Lens Replacement Surgery might be the best option with the highest levels of patient satisfaction. Your next step is to find the best LASIK Surgeon in your area who is a comprehensive Refractive Surgeon and also can provide consultation for Lens Implants.
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