Monday, June 27, 2011

LASIK Surgery after RK?

Question: In April of 1995 I received Radial Keratotomy. My uncorrected vision improved from 20/600 to 20/25-20/30. I've noticed over the years that my left eye vision has decreased a little, plus there may be a little astigmatism. Does having that surgery preclude me from LASIK because of the cuts on my cornea?

Answer: In order to get the best results from LASIK Surgery careful patient selection and the skill of the LASIK Surgeon are probably the two most important factors. Having had previous corneal surgery does add a degree of complexity to the decision but does not necessarily exclude you from being a good candidate for Laser Eye Surgery or Laser Vision Correction. Careful evaluation of the position and depth of the previous incisions as well as the current shape, thickness and health of your cornea will play a role in whether any type of Laser Eye Surgery might be appropriate. In addition, the stability of the prescription and the regularity of the cornea may alos be factors. Last, it might very well be possible that you might be a better candidate for other types of Laser Eye Surgery, such as PRK, rather than LASIK. All of these considerations can be evaluated by a top LASIK Surgeon who can then advise you on the options that might be available to you. Your next step is to schedule an examination and consultation with a LASIK Surgeon in your area to explore your individual situation. You can also check our blog posts from: Lasik After RK on May 16, Lasik After RK on May 6 and Lasik After RK on March 15, 2011.

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