Wednesday, June 29, 2011

LASIK Over Correction-What is It-Can It be Fixed?

Question: What exactly is LASIK "over correction"? Is it possible to perform another procedure to correct it? Or, is it too late once it is already done?

Answer: An over correction from Laser Eye Surgery such as LASIK is as the name implies, a situation where the end result of the treatment has created "too much" correction rather than the exact attempted or intended amount of correction. This can happen from time to time for many reasons that may include but not be limited to instability of the prescription when it was measured during the initial examination perhaps due to previous contact lens wear, swelling and deswelling of the cornea due to hormonal changes-this can easily happen during pregnancy or when Laser Eye Surgery has been performed too early in the post partum period or too close to the cessation of nursing or simply just not getting a precise refraction at the examination. More common though is the fact that each eye just heals slightly different and sometimes it can result in an over correction. If the over correction is considerable and it disturbs vision, after waiting approximately 90 days after the surgery it is usually possible to adjust the prescription with and enhancement procedure.

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