Friday, June 17, 2011

LASIK Enhancement-Bladeless or Traditional?

Question: I had LASIK 8 months ago. I had a free flap and now I have debris under the flap and some under correction. Now I want to go for a LASIK enhancement. Is it safe to have an enhancement with traditional LASIK or should I have Femtosecond laser LASIK with i LASIK or Z-LASIK?

Answer: Having a LASIK enhancement is a second surgery and should only be done if it is absolutely medically and optically necessary. First, you must have enough corneal thickness remaining to safely have an enhancement. Second, you are assuming that you will need to have another flap created in order to have the excimer laser enhancement of the LASIK surgery. This may or not be the case as it is often possible to lift the previously prepared flap-although 8 months after the primary LASIK procedure is a bit far out-but not impossible. Of you do need a new flap prepared there is really equivocal data to support whether traditional LASIK or Femtosecond laser LASIK is actually safer. The key to a safe and effective LASIK procedure is the hands of the LASIK Surgeon and not really which method is used to make the flap. Just as you had a complication of a free flap with traditional LASIK, it is also entirely possible to have other flap complications with Femtosecond Bladeless LASIK as well. Your next step should be to find the best LASIK Surgeon in your area and schedule a consultation-and they will help you decide on whether the flap can be lifted or whether a new flap should be created and the best way to do it for you.

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