Monday, June 27, 2011

LASIK after Rigid Contact Lens Wear

Question: I have been wearing gas permeable contacts lenses for over 30 years and have been told that I will need to wear glasses for the next two months in order to be able to get an accurate exam of my eyes prior to potential laser eye surgery. Would you concur with this suggestion if you were to do my eye surgery? I would appreciate your candidness.

Answer: Top Laser Eye Surgeons strive to get the best possible results for their patients. Because contact lenses have been overly commercialized, patients often forget that they are medical devices and do impact the shape, structure and surface of the cornea. Long term rigid gas permeable lens wear-30 years for sure-is highly likely to cause some degree of corneal shape change or "molding' as well as some change in corneal thickness as well as alteration of the tear film stability. ALL of these are critical factors in determining your ultimate suitability for as well as treatment parameters and protocol for LASIK Surgery or any type of Laser Eye Surgery and in fact even Cataract Surgery. Discontinuation of Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lens wear prior to Laser Eye Surgery such as LASIK is based on clinical research and experience that indicates that in order for the cornea to return to it's "normal' state and be stable, it requires a "lens free" period of 6-12 weeks on average. Sometimes it can take a little less time-sometimes a little more. Follow the advice of a top eye surgeon is the best course of action.

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