Sunday, June 12, 2011

Laser Surgery after Cornea Transplant

Question: I am very active (play soccer and tennis), and am 62 years old. have keratoconus and I had a cornea transplant 20 years ago. A few stitches remain. I had cataract surgery 10 years ago. With corrective lenses my vision improves somewhat, but not fully, and even with a contact lens, my vision is not fully correctable. Would this surgery make my vision as good as or better than contact or corrective lenses.

Answer: It is impossible to tell whether LASIK or Laser Eye Surgery of the cornea for vision correction would offer you any benefit as it is unclear as to why you have reduced vision. If the decrease in vision is due to any sort of retinal problem, such as Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), the answer is there will not be any improvement. If the vision is due to posterior capsular opacification as a late complication of the cataract surgery, then no, Laser Eye Surgery of the cornea for vision correction will not help, but perhaps this could be treated by other means. If the decreased vision is due to an irregular shape or irregular astigmatism of the cornea, then one would expect a rigid contact lens to offer considerably improved vision-and perhaps it is possible the PRK Laser Eye Surgery of the cornea might afford close or equivalent vision for you. Your best next step is to schedule a consultation with a top Laser Eye Surgeon who is also a Corneal Specialist and have them evaluate your situation and determine what is possible.

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