Monday, May 2, 2011

Multiple Laser Eye Surgery Enhancements

Question: I had a Laser Eye Surgery when I was 18 years old and a correction or enhancement surgery when I was 20 years old. Now I am 30 years old and my eyes are 1.5 D weak and I have problems with TV and driving. Is it possible for me to have Custom Laser Eye Surgery to correct this? Is there any serious risk?

Answer: You do not state what your original attempted correction was for your initial Laser Eye Surgery. You also do not state how much of an enhancement you required just two years after your initial treatment. So it is somewhat difficult to know what is really happening with your eyes. It is possible that when you were first treated some 12 years ago that your prescription was not stable and this is why you needed an enhancement. The fact that in 10 additional years you say that you need another 1.5 D of correction is disturbing. Again, whether it is environmental, work related, health related or somehow related to the shape of your cornea it is important to make sure that there is no underlying pathology that is creating the instability. You do not state whether your vision was or is correctable to 20/20. All of these things need to be addressed prior to even considering a third corneal laser procedure. It may be possible to have yet another Laser Eye Surgery but you really need to be under the care of a top LASIK Surgeon as you require very careful examination and evaluation to understand why your vision has deteriorated. Once that is determined he or she can take the appropriate measurements to determine whether it is possible or advisable to have any more surgery as you run the risk of making your corneas too thin and weak and inducing undesirable shapes in the cornea with multiple procedures. You best course of action is to find a top LASIK Surgeon who has experience in all types of Laser Eye Surgery for vision correction and schedule a consultation.

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