Saturday, May 28, 2011

LASIK Enhancement after 12 Years

Question: I had LASIK in 1999 and had perfect eyesight up until a few years ago (other than needing reading glasses a couple years after the LASIK...I'm now 56 years old). My distance eyesight is now not perfect but sufficiently bad enough for me to again require prescription glasses (although I don't wear them much). The question I have is this: Is it okay for me to have another LASIK procedure to correct my vision?

Answer: The answer really depends on whether the reason for your decreased distance vision is actually due solely to a change in your refractive error, such as increased nearsightedness, whether the shape and thickness of your cornea allow you to be a good LASIK candidate and whether your overall health and eye health are in order. If the answers to these questions are found to be favorable after a consultation with a LASIK surgeon, there should be no reason to not have another LASIK procedure to correct your vision. It is critical however that you have an examination with a top LASIK surgeon as it is possible that some of the nearsightedness you might be experiencing could be due to some other eye condition or problem such as a beginning Cataract.

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