Tuesday, May 17, 2011

LASIK after PRK-Is it Possible?

Question: I had PRK done in one eye in 1995-then I had LASIK in the other eye a few years later.The PRK eye is 20/40-50 and the LASIK eye is 20/20. Is it possible to have LASIK on the eye with the previous PRK to bring it to 20/20 and what would be the cost?

Answer: First, there is never a guarantee that anyone will ever see 20/20 after any Laser Eye Surgery procedure. Second, you should know that the visual results with PRK as compared to LASIK are virtually identical-thus you first need to determine why you only see 20/40-50 with the first eye to have Laser Eye Surgery. What was the level of best corrected visual acuity with eyeglasses or contacts in that eye prior to Laser Vision Correction? Was it 20/20? Next, did you ever achieve better than 20/40-50 after the initial PRK in the first eye-and did it them regress-or did you not achieve 20/20 to begin with? If you were treated with PRK in 1995 this was the very first year Laser Vision Correction had been FDA approved and it was not initially capable of treating astigmatism. If you had preexisting astigmatism in 1995 and did not have an astigmatic keratotomy (AK) to correct it-then you still have an uncorrected refractive error that could impact your vision. As you see there are many questions that need to be answered regarding your vision. If you eye health, overall health, corneal shape and thickness meet the criteria for LASIK then it is entirely possible that if you have some residual refractive error your have a LASIK surgery procedure to treat the uncorrected optical prescription. Your next step is to schedule a consultation with a top LASIK Surgeon who will take all the necessary measurements to determine the status of your eye health and vision and recommend the possible options that would provide good results.

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