Monday, April 11, 2011

LASIK Surgery Enhancements

Question: I had LASIK surgery a few years ago. I am beginning to experience the same headaches I had prior to the surgery. When I paid for this, I was told that there is a lifetime guarantee on the surgery. I believe I need a "touch up". When I first had it done, I could see my computer screen clearly and need reading glasses now to reach that. It is approximately 2 feet from my I just have to call for an appointment?

Answer: Headaches are a complex symptom to diagnose and may or may NOT be related to your prescription or even your vision. While you have "self diagnosed" the "same" headaches, unless you are a physician-preferably an ophthalmologist, neurologist or neuro-ophthalmologist-you probably want to leave the diagnosis to someone else. Further, the decision to have what you refer to as a "lasik touchup" or LASIK enhancement is not made by the patient. It is a medical decision made by the LASIK surgeon based on the vision, the amount of residual prescription to be treated, presence of optical aberrations, the amount of residual corneal thickness, the corneal shape or topography and what the expected result to be achieved is. It is not a trivial decision like buying a new pair of eyeglass lenses. The fact that you need reading glasses to see intermediate distances like the computer screen does NOT necessarily suggest that correcting your distance vision through an enhancement is actually indicated. Without knowing your age, it suggests that you may be becoming presbyopic if you are approaching or are over 40 years old or that there is some other issue related to both the vision and headache complaints. Your next step is to immediately schedule an appointment with the LASIK Surgeon who performed your surgery. If for some reason they can not see you promptly schedule a consultation with a top LASIK Surgeon in your area who will be able to guide you on a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

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