Friday, April 1, 2011

LASIK Surgery and Prism

Can I have LASIK Surgery if I wear prism in my glasses?

Whether of not you would be a candidate for LASIK if you wear a prism correction in your eyeglasses really depends on what the underlying reason for the prism is. Prism in eyeglass prescriptions is typically used to compensate for muscle imbalances or sometimes to minimize the predisposition someone might have toward diplopia or double vision. Both the strength of the prism correction and the orientation of the prism prescription are key pieces of information a LASIK Surgeon will use to determine whether you are a good candidate-maybe yes-maybe no-it really depends on your prescription and the results of your LASIK consultation. In addition, if the need for prism is the result of some other eye or systemic condition, this too might make you a poor candidate for LASIK. Your next step is to schedule an examination and consultation with a top LASIK surgeon and they will be able to give you the best advice.

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