Tuesday, April 12, 2011

LASIK Costs and Recovery Times

Question: How much does LASIK Surgery cost, and how long will it take to recover from LASIK?

Answer: The cost of LASIK is set by the individual LASIK Surgeon. There are many myths and misunderstandings regarding LASIK costs and it would be important to understand why there is a wide range of fees offered today and who seeking the best LASIK price is not always the prudent path. More important than the cost is choosing the best LASIK Surgeon. It is the LASIK Surgeon that determines the ultimate safety, efficacy and predictability of LASIK. You should seek a trusted and respected LASIK Surgeon in your area. Generally most top LASIK Surgeons provide easy payment plans so that you can get the best Laser Eye Surgery from a well respected local eye surgeon. While each person's overall LASIK experience is a bit different there is a general expectation that you will be able to resume almost all normal activities with a couple of days.

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