Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lens Replacement Surgery v. Lasik for Presbyopia by Marc Michelson, MD

“LASIK Eye Surgery is likely to continue to be the Laser Eye Surgery procedure of choice for most patients, but for those needing concurrent far and near corrections, Lens Replacement Surgery for presbyopia, may be an excellent option,” said Marc Michelson, M.D., a Birmingham, Alabama LASIK and Cataract Surgeon.
As a result of the continuing developments in advanced intraocular lens (IOL) implant technology, Lens Replacement Surgery continues to emerge as a treatment option for presbyopia which cannot be optimally treated with LASIK Eye Surgery at this time. Presbyopia is the condition in which the crystalline lens of the eye loses it flexibility causing a progressive decrease in near and intermediate vision. While LASIK procedures produce safe and effective results for correction of distance vision, for those over 50 years old who need both the correction of far and near vision due to presbyopia, Lens Replacement Surgery using near vision presbyopia correcting Lens Implants many be a good choice. LASIK Surgeons and Cataract Surgeons are highly encouraged by the results and patient acceptance of the new lens implant technology.

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