Friday, March 18, 2011

LASIK Surgery and Tooth Extraction: Is There A Problem?

Question: I already had LASIK Surgery. If I now need to have a tooth extracted will if affect my eyes or LASIK results?

Answer: LASIK Eye Surgery is a type of laser eye surgery performed on the cornea which is the clear domelike lens about the size of a dime and the thickness of a credit card vision. After LASIK the surface of your eye heals within 24-48 hours and the more complete corneal healing usually occurs within three months after your treatment. Most patients have healed enough that their final vision correction is evident within three months. If you have had your LASIK performed a while ago your eye is likely to be completed healed. If you have a tooth that is infected and need oral surgery such as a tooth extraction, your oral surgeon or dentist can advise you of any risk of infection spreading to the surrounding tissue and sinus areas. While it is not impossible to have a tooth infection contaminate the eye area, it is unusual if the oral surgeon or dentist takes the necessary precautions by prescribing antibiotics.In any case your LASIK results should be impacted.

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