Monday, March 28, 2011

Corneal Inlays & Near Vision Problems

Near vision problems caused by the normal aging process Presbyopia in which we lose our ability to focus on close objects or reading material once we are over forty, may have some potential solutions in the future in addition to monovision LASIK. A report on the status of Corneal Inlays for near vision and presbyopia from the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) 2011 Annual Meeting in San Diego highlighted three optical approaches for Corneal Inlays. These include the Kamra Intracorneal Inlay (AcuFocus) which works by placing a pinhole in the center of the pupil, the PresbyLens (ReVision Optics), a hydrogel corneal inlay that places a near vision correction in the center of the pupil and the Flexivue (Presbia) which places the near correction in the periphery of a hydrophilic Corneal Inlay. At this moment in clinical trials it would appear as if PresbyLens has the advantage as far as the best correction of near and intermediate vision and that overall good near and intermediate was provided by these hydrogel corneal inlays, as well as offering reversibility. However, the compromise of distance vision may still remain an issue and the biocompatibility long term needs to be the subject of extensive ongoing testing.

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