Monday, February 14, 2011

Dry Eyes and LASIK Surgery: What You Need to Know Part I

It is important for patients considering LASIK surgery to understand that a careful dry eye evaluation must be a part of their LASIK evaluation and consultation. Eye surgeons from around the world were presented some important information about dry eyes and LASIK at the Hawaiian Eye 2011 meeting. Tear film health in terms of quality and quantity should be assessed by laser eye surgeons in order to obtain the very best measurements and diagnostic testing results for lasik eye surgery. Key tests the eye surgeons must perform in preparation for successful lasik include a wavefront capture and measurement and a manifest refraction. Particularly in long term contact lens wearers, the eye surface can be dry and the tear film unstable. An unstable tear film can make the both the wavefront capture and the manifest refraction somewhat unreliable, thus a careful assessment of the tear film should be made before conducting these tests as part of the LASIK consultation.

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