Friday, December 3, 2010

LASIK Information and Surgeon Directory Website Receives Fifth Consecutive Reaccreditation by Health On the Net (HON) Foundation

North Andover, Massachusetts, (11/22/10) The LASIK information and LASIK surgeon directory website has been notified that it has received its fifth consecutive reaccreditation by the Health On the Net (HON) Foundation for 2010.

“Ongoing accreditation by the HON Foundation means that is in full compliance with the HON principles ( which serve as the basis for its initiative to improve and maintain the quality and integrity of health and medical information on the world wide web”, said Katherine Carlisle, the Managing Partner of

“We are dedicated to providing eye care consumers with helpful, reliable and non commercial information about Laser Vision Correction, including LASIK Eye Surgery and LASIK Surgeons, as well as how to evaluate the risks, complications and possible side effects of LASIK surgery in order to have an effective dialog with their eye doctors”, stated Ms. Carlisle.

The Health On the Net (HON) Foundation ( was founded in 1995 by a group of experts attending a conference on The Use of Internet and World-Wide Web for Telematics in Healthcare in order assist healthcare consumers and providers using the Internet, by assuring access to high quality reliable information through peer review of healthcare websites and certification of sites maintaining quality standards. is an objective patient information and education website containing material that will assist patients in making an informed decision about all types of Laser Eye Surgery for vision correction, including LASIK, as well as Lens Replacement Surgery and Lens Implants, for vision correction. This website is useful for those who are interested in learning about LASIK, Presbyopia Correcting Lens Implant procedures, the ICL or Implantable Contact Lens for nearsightedness, how to select a LASIK surgeon, the risks, benefits and complications of LASIK surgery as compared to contact lenses, as well dry eyes and their treatment.

In order to provide consumers with the most unbiased information, unlike many websites offering information about LASIK Surgery, does not accept funding, support or advertising from pharmaceutical, medical device, laser or lens implant companies.

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