Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cataract & LASIK Eye Surgery Directories Announce Blog Availability

NORTH ANDOVER, Massachusetts, (4/22/10) Medical Management Services Group, L.L.C. developers and managers of the LASIK information, patient education and LASIK surgeon directory website and the Cataract Surgery information and Cataract Surgeon directory website is pleased to announce the availability of two new eye care blogs to assist in keeping both Cataract and LASIK patients up to date with current information as well as allow for a closer interactive internet experience. "The fields of Cataract Surgery & Intraocular Lens Implantation (IOL) as well as Laser Vision Correction such as LASIK Eye Surgery continue to take advantage of the application of new technology in order to streamline procedural steps and incrementally improve outcomes for patients-and the web is one of the first places patients seek this information, relayed Katherine Carlisle, Managing Partner of Medical Management Services Group, L.L.C.

“Our current sites provide comprehensive and detailed content for visitors. At and we can give those in need of the most current information about new eye surgery procedures, new eye care technology and eye surgeons a quick snapshot of real time information, said Katherine Carlisle, Managing Partner of Medical Management Services Group, L.L.C.

In order to provide consumers with the most unbiased information, unlike many websites offering information about LASIK, neither
or , nor their associated blogs at and accept funding, support or advertising of any kind from pharmaceutical, medical device, laser or lens implant manufacturers.

Monday, April 5, 2010

LASIK Eye Surgery & Tax Refunds

Laser Vision Correction procedures such as LASIK Eye Surgery are a good way to spend tax refunds you may receive after filing your tax return this year. For many people the only thing between them and clear vision without having to wear glasses or contacts all the time for seeing at distance-is the cost of LASIK Surgery! Your tax refund is often a pleasant surprise that has not been allocated or lost in the daily shuffle of household expenses. For those who have wanted LASIK but haven't been able to get their finances together to do so-your tax refund a great way to invest in your vision.