Friday, March 5, 2010

LASIK Question of the Day: Should I Have LASIK if I Play Sports?

There is little doubt that athletes find the nuisance of eyeglasses and contacts pretty annoying for playing sports of just about any type. Eyeglasses are an obvious nuisance-but contacts too are subject to discomfort, dryness and getting debris and dust under them during sports. Thus LASIK for sports can be a good choice and make athletes both perform better and more comfortable in their chosen activity. However, LASIK Eye Surgery is not for every sport. Those sports that expose the athlete to the risk of being bumped in the face or fingered in the eye are probably not good choices for LASIK patients. While the risk of the LASIK flap decentering is minimal there is an increased chance that the flap can become damaged from direct trauma during sports. So athletes playing sports such as karate or kickboxing might be wise to have other types of Laser Eye Surgery such as PRK that do not require the creation of a flap.

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