Friday, March 5, 2010

LASIK Question of the Day: I am 48 years old-I Can't Decide if I Should Have LASIK or a Presbyopia Correcting Lens Implant (IOL)?

This is actually an excellent question that requires a thorough examination and consultation with an experienced Cataract & LASIK Surgeon. An eye surgeon who is experienced in both LASIK and advanced Intraocular Lens Implants (IOL) used in Cataract Surgery will be able to help you understand the risks, benefits, advantages and disadvantages to each type of vision correction eye surgery. For someone who 48 years old and Presbyopic, it is important to learn about monovision LASIK and its limitations as well as how the near vision Presbyopia correcting IOLs might offer a better longer term solution. The decision is easier if you are in your mid-50's as this would clearly lean toward the Lens Implant Surgery rather than LASIK-and if you have any trace of a Cataract forming the decision will lean toward the Lens Replacement Surgery as well. Also-if you are hyperopic, a Lens implant procedure might be preferred. But, if you are myopic, and have clear, normal looking natural crystalline lenses and moderate intermediate vision and near vision demands, monovision LASIK could be an excellent choice as long as you understood that it would eventually require that you wear eyeglasses to help with near vision that was detailed as you got older.

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