Wednesday, February 4, 2009

LASIK Question Of The Day: What is the best way to find a LASIK surgeon?

Although LASIK is widely advertised, LASIK is really not a commodity. Selecting a LASIK surgeon is the most important decision that you will make when considering Laser Eye Surgery for vision correction of any type. For certain, do not rely on advertising alone as the basis for either having LASIK Surgery or choosing a LASIK Surgeon. Use references from friends, relatives and co-workers who have had LASIK in order to begin the process. Then invest a little time in learning more about LASIK by seeking unbiased non advertising related information sources. These can be found on the internet. One non advertising influenced source is where you can find information about all types of Laser Vision Correction as well learn about LASIK surgeons in your area. It is critical that you have a LASIK consultation with a couple until you feel that you have located one that has provided you with a thorough evaluation as well as answered any questions you might have about LASIK. Finally it is important to make sure that you have a personal comfort level with the surgeon and their staff. These are the people you will be entrusting with your vision and eye health so choose carefully based on recommendations and your initial experience with them.

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