Sunday, February 22, 2009

Can LASIK be repeated if it doesn't work?

LASIK will virtually always produce a dramatic improvement in natural vision without glasses. However, each person heals slightly differently and so the end result may vary slightly for some people. In particular, the higher the degree of correction that is required, the greater chance that there is a possibility that some fine tuning or an enhancement might be necessary. A LASIK enhancement is a second LASIK procedure however it can be achieved by simply lifting the thin layer of corneal tissue-the " flap"-applying the laser and adjusting the correction. It is a second eye surgery and thus should not be done without good reason.

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nancy said...

lasik are perfectly done by some professional like surgeons and optometrists. lasik must be done successful, however if the patients vision is no clear hey will have to wait for their vision to stabilize.
vision without glasses