Monday, January 19, 2009

What Happens if I have LASIK and Get a Cataract When I Am Older?

If you have or are planning to have LASIK , understanding any increased risk of Cataract Surgery later in life might make you concerned. But-the reality is that there is no increased risk of complications of Cataract Surgery after you have had LASIK. The incision created for cataract removal today is very very small and is far away from the LASIK flap . LASIK Surgery is not intraocular surgery, it is performed in the Cornea, between its layers, thus there is no activity going on inside the eye itself. No structures involved in Cataract Surgery are actually involved in LASIK Eye Surgery so there is no chance of scarring or tissue changes that will affect your Cataract Surgery procedure. However, what the LASIK procedure does do is change the shape of the Cornea.The shape of the Cornea IS one of the factors considered in determining the strength of the Lens Implant to correct your vision after Cataract Surgery. So, if you have had LASIK and need Cataract Surgery, it is helpful to the Cataract Surgeon to first know that you have had LASIK Surgery-AND if possible, it is helpful to know what your corneal measurements were prior to having had LASIK. If it is possible to provide your Cataract Surgery woth the name and phone number of the LASIK Surgeon or LASIK center or LASIK practice that you went to, they can arrange, with your permission, to have the Corneal measurments sent to them for consideration in yourt Lens Implant power calculation. There are many precise formulas that can be used to assist the Cataract Surgeon in Intraocular Lens Implant (IOL) calculations in order to insure that you get the best results. In the occassional but infrrequent event that the power of the IOL is miscalculated slightly it is always possible to wear a slight eyeglass prescription or even to ahve the IOL switched for one with a more accurate power. This is called a Lens Exchange. If you have had LASIK, just be sure to tell your Cataract Surgeon so that he or she can take all of the necessary measurments and any extra ones when doing your Lens Implant calculations. Having LASIK and enjoying freedom from the hassle of eyeglasses and contacts for many years is well worth the slight possibility of requiring some extra measurments when you need Cataract Surgery .

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