Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Should I Have LASIK Surgery?

Laser Vision Correction has been available in the United States since October of 1995. Over 12 million Laser Eye Surgery procedures have been performed for the correction of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism making Laser Vision Correction one of the most frequently performed types of surgery. Yet, when one looks at the total number of people who are dependent on eyeglasses and contacts this represents only a few percent of the total number of optical correction wearers. It is widely acknowledged that the two main reasons more people do not have LASIK are fear of LASIK Surgery and the Cost of LASIK. The decision to have LASIK is a personal one and should be considered carefully. However, if we look at these two objections we can see that they are no longer truly founded. LASIK today is safe, effective and predictable when performed on patients who have been thoroughly examined and counseled regarding the likelihood of success, the risks and benefits and who have a clearly articulated need or vision correction goal that they wish to accomplish. That is, having what you want to achieve in terms of an improved lifestyle, is an important part of deciding if you should have LASIK. Without clear goals, it is difficult to measure actual success. While this may seem odd as we can measure all of the clinical things that tell us whether the outcome was good-without a set of goals you can never really decide if it was worth doing. Take the time to discover the reasons you want to be independent of glasses and contacts and NOT JUST THAT YOU WANT TO BE FREE OF GLASSES AND CONTACTS. The leave the clinical qualification of your eyes to an experienced LASIK surgeon. Once you have done these types of investigation...then whether you should have LASIK will become obvious and the decision an easy one.

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