Thursday, January 8, 2009

LASIK Expectations-Before Your LASIK Surgery

Patients who are considering LASIK often wonder to expect before during and after their surgery. While each LASIK surgeon will likely have somewhat different protocols or policies, generally there are some things that can be pretty similar.

First, before you have made the decision to have LASIK Surgery, you should expect to have a very thorough examination and consultation. This should include at a minimum a detailed review of your medical, family and eye history. You should disclose ALL of the medications that you have recently taken or are currently taking including those you purchased on your own at the drugstore. You should fully disclose any family or personal history of eye or systemic disease-even if you cannot understand the relevance. You should expect to have your vision checked with and without wearing your correction of glasses or contacts and you should have a very careful measurement of your prescription-called refraction. This should be performed both without eye drops and then again after having eye drops placed in your eyes to minimize your focusing ability. Your cornea should be "mapped"and the thickness of the cornea should be measured to make sure that the shape of your cornea and its thickness are safe for LASIK or any type of Laser Eye Surgery. An evaluation of your tear film, the health of your retina and optic nerve, the cornea, the eyelids, the crystalline lens, and the tissues and structures around your eyes should be done with a slit lamp microscope. Once these basic considerations are reviewed then you can be "qualified" as a LASIK candidate or not. However before you can decide, you should expect to have a discussion regarding your motivation for LASIK and what you wish to gain by minimizing your dependence on eyeglasses or contacts.

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