Monday, January 12, 2009

LASIK Expectations-After Your LASIK

After your LASIK it is important the know what to expect and what is normal and what is not. Ir is completely normal after LASIK to begin with slightly blurred vision for a few days that gradually day by day improves. Your eyes are still healing shortly after LASIK and this means that there will be changes in your corneal swelling, thickness and shape as well as the integrity of your tear film. All of these daily changes result is a gradual change in your vision. That said, in all likelihood you will be able to pass a drivers license test without any correction after just a day or two after LASIK. Pretty much 95% of people who have LASIK find this to be the case. It is not normal or expected to have pain. Pain is not normal. You should expect to feel some dryness and grittiness that again improves each day/ You will need to be using artificial tears eye drops frequently throughout the day-perhaps every 2-3 hours for a while in order to prevent the sensation of dry eye. Keeping your eyes moist also helps the visual recovery. Depending on the overall health of your tears before your LASIK Surgery you may find that is is necessary to use the artificial tears for as long as six months in order to get rid of any sensation of dry eye. There is no harm in doing this. it is just part of the healing process. By the end of three months you should be at the point where you have pretty much achieved your final vision correction. Any real changes in your vision correction at this point should be reported to your LASIK Surgeon. It is important to understand that you must be going back to your LASIK Surgeon for regular follow up visits through at least three months after your Laser Eye Surgery whether you think you are seeing well or not. Only by having a recheck can he or she look at the cornea and the tear film and be certain that it is healing properly. If there is a need for your eye surgeon to adjust your eye drops they will be able to do so quickly if they are seeing you foe regular follow up visits. Always ask what the prescribes follow up schedule is BEFORE your Laser Eye Surgery. If the LASIK Surgeon or the counselor is only necessary for you to come back "if you need to" during the first month or so and then you only need to come back if you fell like something isn't right-RUN AWAY. There are many instances of patients being told "call us if you have a problem". You may be a part of the feedback process but it should not left to the patient to determine the follow up schedule and to wait for a problem to develop. This is bad medicine and trusted LASIK Surgeons do not practice this way.

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